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Hello From Amelia Island 

What a great conference for the Area Agencies on Aging for the SE Region! There were many innovations and updates on all things tried and true that will make a significant difference in how our seniors and needy are cared for and invigorated in the coming months. 

A special shout out to all who took part in our session on Podcasts: The Great American Senior Show and the many other podcasts that are available and only limited by your imagination and drive.

Please feel free to download a copy of our presentation and don't forget Yates & Associates provides turn key podcasts or we can help you develop your very own podcast from the ground floor up. 

Of course, if you need marketing and public relations assistance, we are ready to provide the expertise you need.  Sam Yates

Presentation: Amelia Island 2022

Preparing for YOUR Podcast Interview!

"It's not good enough to just be interviewed on a top-notch Podcast like those produced by Yates & Associates. We want you to excel and really shine! That's why we offer the following tips." Sam Yates


Unfortunately, your laptop’s inbuilt microphone isn’t going to cut it. But with thousands to choose from, finding the right mic can be difficult. Broadly speaking, mics generally fall into two categories: dynamic and condenser. Dynamic microphones usually have a USB connector which makes them easier to set up and use. Condenser microphones can record more professional-sounding audio but they need to go through a mixer or audio interface for power. 


Tip: If possible, get a pop filter for your microphone. This helps eliminate the hard explosive sounds “p’s” and “b’s” make when spoken into a mic. If you need assistance, contact Yates & Associates and we'll help you get the best microphone for your interview.

Choose the best microphone:



Wearing headphones helps refine your podcast interview sound quality. By hearing what’s being recorded as it’s happening, it gives you complete control over the sound so you can make adjustments on the fly by asking your host to provide input. If things sound a bit muffled, move away, or draw the mic closer if your voice sounds distant. Your headphones will also let you know if you’re picking up any ambient background noise.


There are lots of options to choose from, but comfort is something to look for across the board. Padded cushions and big headphone ear pads are a must for longer recording sessions. Again, you can ask Yates & Associates for input on both microphone and headphone purchases to make sure you sound your best and project the quality image you want to shine!

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