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While we have worked in a variety of industries and sectors, there are several industries we specialize in serving. However, if your industry is not represented here, that doesn’t mean you shouldn’t contact us.


In fact, we know having an outside perspective can provide fresh, proven, and new ideas to your organization.


Builders & Construction

 Yates & Associates is a proud Associate Member of the Gold Coast Builders Association. Sam Yates is a Member of the Board of Directors in charge of Communications and Public Relations for the 300 Member organization of building professionals serving South Florida.


We know construction and building from the                                                          inside out. From single-family residential to                                                          multi-story commercial as well as research                                                      facilities and medical complexes, our firm                                                                  has assisted with public awareness to secure                                                          permitting as well as promoting the tenants.

We also contribute promoting larger issues and topics on an as needed for our Construction clients.

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Yates & Associates Tames Media Crisis

Crisis Communications

The train derailment that was one of the largest in the nation’s history. A massive food product recall that avoided media coverage. A landfill filled with a product that established a worldwide criterion for crisis avoidance. A chemical spill that generated positive media coverage. A celebrity charged with murder who avoided media interviews. Media spotlights that were averted from a national shopping center giant after shootings and murders. The world’s first nuclear to coal power plant conversion. Multiple individual celebrities who polished their image to successfully engage the media. A Boy Scout Camp contaminated with a radioactive material. An Easter Bunny arrested.

Just a few Media Crisis Scenarios we have handled. Yes...we do provide Expert Media Training for Executives and others.                                    Confidentiality Guaranteed 

From serving as advisors to the Urgent Care Association of America to actually creating America’s Best Urgent Care, our firm knows the health care industry. Our relations and counsel to those operating in the Senior Care and Home Health Care segments are equally matched by our understanding of billing and customer service that is so critical to the future of health care.

America's Best Urgent Care by Yates & Associates
Health Care Industry Consultants
America's Best Urgent Care #1 in Customer Service
Brand Name Development by Yates & Associates
Coquimba Brand by Yates & Associates
Crisis Communications by Yates & Associates

Food and Beverage

From envisioning and creating the name for a gourmet banana to helping make a fresh squeezed Florida juice a high-level household favorite, our company works to make “unique” the normal. We use techniques that drive a desire to consume. Or, help companies become so unique they can battle major competitors in their industry – and win!

Representing the Pet Food Industry

Pet Products

When it comes to pet products, we have worked with small companies to international leaders in the pet care, vet, and product industries. We have also helped to maintain and change attitudes towards pet care and competitive events for pets that have historical ties to saving lives.  Clients include some of the most recognizable names in the industry

Crisis Communications by Yaes & Associates

Technology & Manufacturing

Technology is constantly changing. To meet the challenge of change,                                                                                                                     technology companies turn to our experts                                                                                     for proven communication techniques. We                                                                                   assist in developing names that allow                                                                                             companies to describe technologies that                                                                                       sometimes simply have no name – just a                                                                                       process. And we are adept at taking a                                                                                           complex process down to a down to a                                                                                             description that is universally accepted to                                                                                     those who developed the process as well as those who need the technology. Our description of through-board wiring for the printed wiring board (circuit board) allowed one client to describe their process so thoroughly, competitors were unable to compete in the same stacked manufacturing process!


We have represented many different technology companies. Those companies include IT companies, 5-G, proprietary computer systems, peer-to-peer networking companies, financial services technology companies, medical technology companies, printed wiring board companies; tool and die manufacturing, and much more.

Our manufacturing clients have built aviation systems, boats, yachts, home building products, durable medical goods, pet products, health and beauty products, commercial construction materials, and DoD testing and verification products for land, sea, and air.


The technology and manufacturing companies we have worked with help to make life more convenient, easier and safer.

Precision Manufacturing
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