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Pod National News Network

The Pod National News Network was created to fill a significant "News Hole" that now exists in many cities, communities, and regions nationwide.


The News Hole is, simply put, the demise of local journalism and political engagement caused by the continuing closure of print media outlets and the significant reduction of business news coverage by radio and television at a local level. 


Without local or regional news -- businesses and not-for-profit organizations in particular -- have no way of telling their story or sharing information about their products, goods or services.  Communities lose their identity. 

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The Florida Business Forum
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The Texas Business Forum
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The Virginia Business News Forum

The Pod National News Network helps to fill the News Hole and give local communities an identity and character by creating legitimate, factual news about businesses and not-for-profits in all 50 States. 

If you would like to explore opportunities within your particular State to participate in the Pod National News Network on a national or regional scale or simply would like to create local business news podcasts for your particular State contact us today for more information.

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